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The Newport Celtic Festival & Highland Games is a registered DBA of the Celtic Heritage Alliance, Inc. and is a non-profit corporation whose mission is to promote and preserve Celtic culture and heritage through creation and development of Celtic cultural events, activities, and programs which facilitate education, workshops, musical performances and traditional competitions which include athletics, music and dance.

Formed by the principal team of volunteer organizers who were responsible for organizing the first-ever Newport Celtic Festival & Highland Games in June 2011, the Celtic Heritage Alliance was officially incorporated on July 15, 2011 as a result of its team members unanimous vote to form a separate non-profit corporation which is a means for providing more timely, efficient and effective management of the festival. The corporation also provides a formal platform for promoting additional Celtic heritage events on a
year round basis.

We believe in transparency. Our corporate documents can be found here:

State of Oregon Non-Profit Corporation Filing*

State of Oregon DBA Filing

Corporate Bylaws (by request)

501(c) 3 Tax Exempt Status Verification (by request)

* We are a registered non-profit in the State of Oregon and are a Tax Exempt Organization under 501(c)3.

IRS 990 Filing 2011

IRS 990 Filing 2012

IRS 990 Filing 2013


We count on community support to make this event possible. If you
would like to continue to help the Celtic Heritage Alliance accomplish its mission, you can donate your time as a volunteer, or donate funds by clicking on the "donate" button.


Our first annual meeting will take place on or about the first day of the Celtic New Year
November 1st
at which time, permanent Board Member and Executive Committee Chair positions will be voted in.

If you are interested in becoming a member of the Celtic Heritage Alliance, Inc. please submit your application (linked below) by mail to:
Celtic Heritage Alliance, Inc.
PO Box 504
Newport, OR 97365

or scan your completed application and send via e-mail to

The deadline for submissions is November 1, 2016.

See our List of Position Descriptions
Download our Volunteer Application


2011 - Newport Chamber of Commerce

2012 - Newport Chamber of Commerce
2012 - Oregon Cultural Trust
2012 - Association of Scottish Games & Festivals

2013 - Newport Chamber of Commerce
2013 - Oregon Cultural Trust
2013 - Association of Scottish Games & Festivals

2014 - Newport Chamber of Commerce
2014 - Oregon Cultural Trust
2014 - Association of Scottish Games & Festivals

2015 - Newport Chamber of Commerce
2015 - Oregon Cultural Trust
2015 - Association of Scottish Games & Festivals

2016 - Newport Chamber of Commerce
2016 - Oregon Cultural Trust
2016 - Association of Scottish Games & Festivals
2016 - Toledo Chamber of Commerce


The 2016-2018 Board of Directors Consists of the following members:


Pres. Belinda Goody   V. Pres. Barb Gard    Treas. Marilyn Winston   Secr.  Allison Keith    Athl. Dir.  Ray Mabey     



Richelle Burns - Family Activities & Contests

VACANCY - Operations & Logistics

VACANCY - Vendors, Clans & Societies and Logistics

Allison Keith - Volunteer Coordinator 

Belinda Goody - Executive Director

Marilyn Winston - Budget & Finance

Allison Keith - Children's Activities

VACANCY - Grant Writer

Allison Keith - Secretary

Raymond Mabey - Athletic Director

Robert MacGregor - Historian

Brian Timme - Sound & Stage Production & Management

Jeffery Shirley - Graphic Design
Belinda Goody - Webmaster