Mutiny Yggdrasil’s Piratic Feature Bundled Pirates

the Paradise of smugglers published a few years ago. Yggdrasil Gaming slot online malaysia recycled much of the positive stuff from the beginning and absolutely renovated them all for the sequel. You would be at home with the sequel because you played the first one and they share certain facets. Given the similarity, Mutiny increases substantially on both sides of the game over the first one.

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For Pirates 2, Mutiny, the Yggdrasil Graphic Team sharpened the looks clearly. The history is even darker, more complex and the 5×5 grid between two ships is set. Beyond it is an island of sand, with rocky form and horizontal ominous clouds. It’s not all that long been between launches, but the definition gap is immediately evident. 

Smarten Activates

As previously, Pirates 2 is a 25-symbol grid slot which uses a payline instead of a payline cluster system. Winning clusters consist of 6 or more matching symbols that activate the drop-down mechanism as they appear. As long as matching symbols impact a group horizontally or vertically.

Symbols are almost the same as before, but an upgrade has been given to make them intellectual. On the lower side there are classic card suit symbols, pickles, hearts, clubs and a hook, bottle, cutlery and gun with mid-payment. 

The high-pays swap the Parrot with a pirate, a lard captain, and a red lady buccaneer, who are followed by the green swab. Combination values are determined on a six-point basis, with low pay range from 0.1x to x1 for the highest pay. This means a grid with the premium symbol returns 25 times the stake at the root – before taking account of multipliers.

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Appropriate stakes 

Players need to set reasonable stakes and can pick up to £/€100 per spin from 20p/c. RTP has still been cut down too marginally from the statistical side of things, but stands at a decent 96.2 per cent. In other words, there is no reason to mutiny over the number. As its ancestor, the degree of volatility is medium and the effect frequency is reasonably good at 21.4%, which means that one payoff per fifth spin is predicted on average.


At the end of each spin, the base game resets the multiplier. If 3 scatter symbols are revealed during a dropdown sequence, 7 Free Spins will be won. 1 high pay sign at the beginning of the free spins is used to compensate for all the long-term pay symbols. A multiplier to all winners is included in the bonus game, starting on x1, but not resetting. In this case, the multiplier is added with +1, +2, +3, +5 or +25 if 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 lines are filled with winning symbols.

Final words 

Mutiny is a fairly fun game for Pirates 2. It’s not a very volatile species that transforms lives with tremendous advantages, or that players are cowering in fear from a harsh model of mathematics. It is easy to get along with, light and entertaining. There’s still something going on in all the drop-outs and changes during the main game and when multipliers take action, dopamine levels get a good wee boost.


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