The fascinating city of Las VegasĀ 

Las Vegas is an entertainment-filled city built in a desert oasis in Nevada, United States. With the discovery of gold in California in the late 1840s and the gold rush, more and more people settled as desert transit points. .. The origin of the name of Las Vegas is that Vega was named Las Vegas with a female definite article meaning that it is a fertile land in Spanish. With the opening of the Union Pacific Railroad in 1905, it became a water supply area for steam locomotives, demonstrating its convenience and prospering with the construction of a station building.

The Great Depression struck in 1929, when the gold rush boom was over, and Nevada was hit hard. This was established by legalizing gambling in 1931 as a painstaking measure to secure tax revenue without industrial development. Did this era become a solid origin of the fame of today’s fascinating city of Las Vegas? After World War II in 1946, Benjamin built the Flamingo Hotel and made a profit at the casino, and Mafia, who has financial resources, also worked on the hotel construction and laid the foundation of the casino powerhouse. However, since the latter half of the 1960s, the crackdown on casino regulations has been tightened, and the Mafia has been forced to give up hotel management rights one after another.

After that, hotel chains and real estate companies legally took over these and tried to improve their soundness. From this era, it can be said that the influence of the Mafia has decreased sharply with the tightening of gaming licenses. Since the end of the 1980s, a speculative boom has occurred and the construction rush of huge theme hotels has continued. The construction of a huge casino has a large number of guest rooms, and hotels with more than 200 rooms are mostly concentrated here in Las Vegas on a global scale. Today, Las Vegas’ main street is a strip town with huge hotels. Until around 1990, the center was downtown, which is a little north.

Las Vegas pursues only for entertainment from children to adults with innovative ideas such as theme parks, fountain shows, magic shows, concerts & shows, etc. to attract customers along with the casino. It has grown into a city that everyone wants to visit at least once. The casinos and hotels that fill the boulevards of Las Vegas are all themed, with extraordinary tourist attractions, hotels, and attractions that allow you to experience world travel in New York, Paris, Venice, the South Pacific, and Egypt.

Authentic casino

Las Vegas is one of the best casinos in the world. You can also experience casinos in Hong Kong, Macau, and Singapore, but the real casinos and long-established casinos are probably Las Vegas, which everyone knows.

Casinos are not very familiar to Japanese people, but in Las Vegas, anyone can enjoy the casino without hesitation if they understand age restrictions, clothes, tips, rules, etiquette, etc. Among them, the slot machine is recommended.

Even beginners are relatively easy to play games that are familiar with roulette and blackjack, so why not give it a try? Weekday daytime is the target time for casino beginners to make their debut. If you have the courage to go to a casino, please try the online casino . You can play games from home just like a real casino!

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